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  1. momerath42

    OMG, the save-one-time JPEG thing is so uninformed. I don't know everything about photography (that's why I'm watching this), but I do know about information theory and file formats; now I can't trust anything he says.

  2. Josh Seabrook

    Is there any way to get those great charts he keeps showing?

  3. toxictabasco

    Kudos for great information. I hope more people will stop shooting photos titled "Lighthouse" landscape photos in 3:2 aspect ratio with ultra wide lenses, split 50/50 dead space, and the teeny weeny lighthouse on the horizon.

  4. Old400

    It's always good to go back and review the basics………and this was a well-done presentation. The mention of the 400 ASA film stirred up some memories. When my brother and I went to National Parks for the landscapes and the wildlife, he shot at around 50 or 64. When the 400 became available, I used it for all my photos. My brother (the purist) kidded me and gave me the nickname of "Old 400" which I still use today.

  5. jim lloyd

    Excellent presentation Rick!….great for beginners or as a refresher course…

  6. Don Gronczewski

    Great lecture!! In regards to ISO I am surprised I have noticeable grain above 1k. Love shooting grand central but there is no light. Too lazy to carry a tripod through Manhattan.

  7. sahnie82

    Why are there so few female photographers featured in lectures?


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