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  1. Johann D. Schokman

    Thank you. You have explained the 3 elements so well that it makes sense. Most of the videos speak a lot about the connection of these 3 subjects but find it hard to explain them in simple to understand words. The way you explain it, it is easy to remember how each setting affects the other two.

  2. Kenny2001UK

    Really refreshing to hear a professional photographer talk honestly about how he also found the malual photography difficult at first.
    Great video it struck the perfect balance between not too geeky and not overly dumbed down.


  3. Adhip Dawadi

    sir I have too many Question to ask so plze pleaze can i contact you pleaze sir

  4. grinnZ just grinnZ

    Outstanding! The best photograhy intro I’ve seen so far. Thank you!

  5. leanne hetherington

    Wow! That's how its done. Perfect explanation, simple and to the point, easily understood and very helpful. Thank you

  6. William Siame

    Best tutorial I've seen yet on this topic, now I'm not just guessing to get the camera to do what I want it to do but I am making well informed decisions when doing my camera settings, even when i guess its more of an intelligent guess… Great job you did there

  7. Eddie Cheaz

    Excellent video! Thanks for breaking down the theory and putting it all together!

  8. Melanie Kingsford

    Thankyou so much! Very kind of you to take the time to teach us these vital basics.

  9. emma Woods

    This is why digital photography is much easier than what I'm doing. I shoot film. And once you put the ISO in, you're just stuck with it for 36 frames. Haha which is fun and you need to think ahead what you MIGHT be shooting. But it sure can be irritating too haha

  10. microbroadcast

    I am amazed that all this was talk with no visual examples! I don't understand how it got a million views compared to other tutorials that visually explain what is happening.

  11. Eddie W

    i,ve been a photographer pro, and semi pro for at least 70 years. with old technology personal skill was's cameras are so clever and sophisticated, even a monkey could get a very good result.
    all that's left for a real photographer is the ability to see light, and some artistic ability.

  12. Naruemon Rimchan

    You are seriously super awesome instructor like you were born to be. I am very glad I have found your videos and I am going to go through to watch all of your videos even I have learnt some basic stuffs before already. Thank you so much for making this and please keep up your great work!

  13. Mike Hunter

    Thanks so much for this video. I have been shooting on Aperture priority mode for years and am now taking the steps to shoot in manual mode. This video relates all elements together very well.

  14. Shivani Om

    Thank you very much, this was very helpful in understanding how to put these three elements together. Appreciate your intent to help very much, Ooo

  15. Morgan McCormick

    Thank you so much! Learning to shoot manual has always been a goal of mine and this broke it down VERY clearly for such a tricky subject to verbally explain!

  16. Marie Styling

    Happy to find your video It is my first step to photography world Wish me the good luck


    Nicely done presentation. The right info and the right speed! Dude, a picture is worth 1000 words. I wanted examples. Maybe in part II.

  18. Dps Spd

    I rarely comment, but I have to here. This video helped me so much with understanding aperture, shutter speed and iso! It has mostly been experimentation for me, but now you make it so clear and concise. Thank you!


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