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  1. roy kim

    this channel went from skateboarding to photography.. kinda sad cause i want to see more of your DITL videos and skateboarding nyc, skits, etc

  2. Raz McClean

    Awesome video! Helpful thankyou

    Anybody a complete beginner and wanna join a new facebook group so we can all help each other out? It's called "Photography – beginners club". πŸ™‚

  3. BringWaffles

    This is exciting. I love your tutorials! Im in a photo 2 class this semester and im so ready to get creative

  4. Oh, Snap Network

    Dude your videos and photos are awesome love the new upload 🀘🏼

  5. Josh Katz

    Here's a video directory to save you guys some time. Hyped to see what you create!

    Part 1 – Planning
    1:56 Step 1 Equipment You’ll Need
    2:33 Step 2 When to Shoot
    3:02 Step 3 Location
    4:18 Step 4 Choosing Your Subjects
    Part 2 – Shooting
    5:03 Step 5: Camera Housekeeping
    5:25 Step 6: Setting Camera Mode
    6:18 Step 7: Aperture
    7:42 Step 8: Manual Mode
    8:55 Step 9 Focusing Your Shot
    9:15 Step 10: Shooting + Posing Subject
    10:47 Step 11: Composition Tips
    Part 3 – Editing in Lightroom + Posting
    11:36 Step 12: Editing
    13:33 Step 13: Sharing


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