The Sony A5100 is perhaps one of the best deals in cameras right now in terms of bang for the buck. Its not the perfect camera, but what you get in terms of image quality for both still photos and videos is what makes it incredible. Especially at this price point.

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25 Responses

  1. Just Josie

    I have a cannon t3 that i use for most of my projects that is getting outdated for what i want to use it for. I am looking for a simpler camera with similar quality and slimmer for recreational use before upgrading my dslr (if that makes sense). Something for going to amusement parks, concerts, vacations, and video blogging. My ideal price point is around $500 but can flex. My main issue with my dslr that keeps me from taking it on personal uses is its size, the screen doesn't flip so i can't see if things are in frame as well when personally recording or trying to get a decent picture of myself.(because i don't have photography friend that live near me. Any advice or recommendations?

  2. The Fire Escape Griller

    Thank you for the great and informative review! I purchased this camera and absolutely love it. I've started a YouTube channel using the flip up screen and would recommend it to anyone over the a6000 looking to do the same. Plus it's more pocketable. Great, great, great camera and review.

  3. Gabi NS

    how about this camera vs the canon g7x mark ii for mainly photography?

  4. Pureloveproductions Tube

    This camera is not for video shooting period. No mic input. And overheats after 10 plus minutes.

  5. Ammo Man

    Sony A5100 :: The Best Deal In Photography?
    No because it is infamous for OVERHEATING.

  6. Bram

    Which one should I buy..? Sony a5000 ($399), or the Sony a5100 ($499)..?

  7. mz sandraa

    Amazing review! Thank you so much. I am getting this camera as a 21st birthday from my fiancè and bestfriends<3

  8. Website Design

    What camera are you using to make this video because I like the color depth and smoothness? Also what type of lens do you use with it to give it this quality?

  9. Marlon Orellana

    i hope someone can help! im debating between these 3 cameras! the canon G7x mark II (495 new) , Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 (589 new) and the Sony a5100 with the lenses (350 used)

  10. Ivan

    LOL! 24 fps is cinematic and 60 fps looks like cheap TV?… Subjective comment is subjective…..

  11. davood arshad

    Sony Alfa series, have a great problem of not recognizing its lens.
    dont buy it. search the internet on the sony's problem.


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