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  1. Stefan Wolf

    thank you very much, really appreciate your review! got my a6000 just a day ago and planning on dumping the kitlenses (the 16-50 & 55-210, which i got in a super cheap deal) and get me a sigma 30mm 1.4 + mybe a sony 18-105 for travelling.

  2. carlos daniel

    Would you say that the a6000 is better than a dslr that's approximately in the same price range as a dslr or no?

  3. Manzoor Ghafoor

    Hi, great video. I am doing a climb of a large mountain. I want to get a camera for landscape, wildlife and night photography. I am thinking of the fujifilm x-a3 or the Sony a6000. Can you recommend which one to get? Thanks

  4. Passion4FoodIsReal

    Can u recommand me a cam within 350£
    I will use it for traveling, recording what im eating mostly, but also for making food outside both in daytime and low light. I got a boat so will make food in small islands or in the woods.
    Sounds is importent for me cuz i love the relaxing sounds of open fire and rain =)
    Ty so much if u got the time to answer and Keep up the good work <3

  5. just Natalie

    Help! I currently have to choose between Nikon S7000 or Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W830. I want high quality photos with blurred background (if that makes sence). Thank you!

  6. Emma Studies

    Hi Eric! I'm wondering if you'd still recommend this camera as a beginners one for YouTube? I'm debating between this, the Canon EOS M3 or M5! I'm not very savvy with cameras so I'm definitely wanting something that isn't overly complicated. Thank you so much 🙂

  7. Stvibes//香菜老師的美國生活

    wait so you are saying the newest firmware got to shoot up to a XAVC S?

  8. Mathew McLean

    They have an adapter to use Nikon lenses on the a6000!!!? Do they have an adapter to use Canon EF or EF-S Lenses on it?

  9. Samuel B

    would you recommend this Sony against the nikon 5300? Also are sigma lenses compatible with it. I'm a beginner and on a budget and would like to use it for indoor vlogging and photography. great review!!thanks! 😉

  10. Jessie Frederick

    I have an old Nikon d70, and I'm thinking Sony could fix all my problems. Biggest issues is bulk and weight. I need something I actually want to carry around. I also want a good all-around camera that is adjustable for all situations – landscape, people, wildlife, indoor or outdoor. I also really want to get into video. I'd say in general, travel photography is what I use my camera for. I'm an amateur, so I really just want a reliable camera that can produce good quality images. Would you recommend the a6000 over everything else for these wants and needs? Or is there something else I should look into?

  11. Marielle Cabillo

    For a beginner who is trying to get into both photography and videography, would you recommend the a6000 over something like canon's t6i?

  12. Suren Arun

    i am planning to buy a new camera and i don't have lot of experience in photography, i will be keeping this camera for next 5 years and the main purpose is to take photos of my family. My budget is $700 (+-) 50 , can you please recommend a camera?

  13. SeHwan Matt Kim

    How does this camera compare to Ricoh GR II in your opinion? Which camera would you recommend to a total beginner photographer who's main purpose of photography would be for traveling? Also, do you still have both cameras? Thanks!

  14. Tristen Gray Mark

    I have the Sony a5000 and i really really hate it. The zoom is really really bad but the focus is not bad

  15. erin hwang

    looking to get a camera. total newbie here, would this be a good one for a beginner like me?

  16. Young At Heart Mommy

    I'm REALLY hoping you can help me because I'm having such a hard time. I purchased the Sony A6000 and recently the 16-70mm lens for travel. I took some photos today in which I thought they would show up on my PC as JPEG then a RAW image file to edit in photoshop. Instead, I have JPEG and ARW files? I can't open these in photoshop and have no idea how to fix this!

  17. Trang Tran

    hi, can I use my canon 50mm fix len on sony a6000??? and what kind adapter to use it??

  18. neil jameson

    What  adapter  should I buy for my a6000 and use my old a-mount len's…

  19. Kristīne Kicis

    Hi! What leses you would suggest for full body,portrait boheh shooting? under 600$

  20. Zoe Noel

    Thanks so much for the review? Super helpful! Is the 16-55mm lens going to be good for starting or would it be more ideal to have the 55-210 lens as well?

  21. Michael Bennett

    Have you looked at the new Canon G7x Mark ii? I'm so torn. I like/want the G7 touchscreen (but don't need). I like/want the viewfinder of the A6000, but don't need. I like/want the selfie-screen of the G7 (not sure if I need or want at this point). The A6000 is 2 year old technology as well, whereas the G7 was just released. It has a smaller sensor as well but hear the portraits offer a nice background blur. It also has great low light capability. I found two vids on here that show side by side with A6000 and the G7 appears to be better at low light than A6000. Overall, not sure which one is best. I do need and want something no larger than the a6000 (motorcycle travelling/touring).

  22. pschroeter1

    I just ordered one today from Amazon. I'm hoping it can handle outdoor Christmas lights and pictures of the Christmas tree indoors.

  23. James R

    I was looking for a compact camera that would take sharp photos at night for street photography.  I love my current 2 D700s but it would be nice to have something lighter and a bit quieter.  I haven't used Mirrorless before but I like the fact that this camera looks simple to use.  I just don't want to spend the money for a Sony A7000.  Do you think this is a good choice as a second camera to a dslr?

  24. karanzwaanstra

    Hi, I have a couple of questions about this camera!! I am looking for a good on-the-go camera for travelling and blogging… something that is easy to use, pretty basic, but really good image quality (crisp images for putting up online, instagram, etc). I've read some reviews that the lens that comes with the camera is okay, but not great…what are your thoughts on the provided lens?
    Does it come with a neck strap?
    I also read that its great for shooting sports or things in motion, is this true? (fast shutter speed?)
    Thank you so much!


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