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  1. ltjorge16

    What about the Canon d5300 I heard it's awesome for the price even though it is a few generations back.

  2. Will

    Pick up a $20 tripod, a $350 Canon T3i (600D) and a mic for around $30. All this adds up to $400.

  3. I WANT 100,000 subscribers

    1:19 Is this the first time the wolverine is happy this muchπŸ˜‚?

  4. Michael Thiccy

    i just got a a6000. It's really good and with the kit lens it is 699.99

  5. RJS98

    $1000 is still a lot of Fkin money. Are there any good DSLRs you can buy for under $500?

  6. J-N-H-M

    The Next Ipad will Destroy all Those LOL …
    & Youtube and Software will be able to Upscale your footage the way we can turn it into cartoons or edit it now .

  7. Dimitar Mihov

    Bullshit video.
    G7 is amazing choice for video yes.

    But for stills nothing under 1000$ beats Nikon D5500 combined with Nikkor F1.8 35mm lens. TOTAL 700$ NEW using amazon standart prices, not "discount" hunting.
    I have personally used it as well, not speaking just from my ass.

    Please do your research better, not just some random googling LMG!

  8. Nick Milne

    Cannons are so old fashioned i mean they were invented in 1200s and missiles are much more effective

  9. Shield S.

    the a6000 is still a cheap but solid option. you won't get better image quality at the price. it is basically the same as the 1400$ a6500. also you can upgrade to larger sensor sizes easily in the future. btw, sony along a couple of other mirrorless manufacturers seems to be the best choice for tomorrow. but it is the only one that offers ff

  10. Arcanineisthebest

    You can feel the noise in the 60D footage, use the RAW mode for better noise. I decided myself to get a Blackmagic micro and it has been the best decision I have ever made. The RAW 60fps with more dynamic range than any camera here, it's a wonder. It doesn't have a screen, I know, but my thought process was that if I spend half of my money in a decent monitor, I will be using that monitor for life…And oh boy I was right. As a videographer, you will work with MANY cameras, more often than not they are not yours, and having a trusted monitor that you know how it works helps A LOT. My advice is that if you have 2K, don't spend 2k on a camera. Save some for the monitor, honestly, my smallHD has saved my life so many times.

  11. Kyro

    hey, im a broke 13 year old that likes to take videos and photos. I need a camera under 500 dollars.
    any recommendations

  12. Rhys Dardis

    I bought my Canon 5dmk2 recently for 1000 with extras and its still a very strong full frame camera. Was looking at mirrorless but the sony a7 used didn't seem like it could even compete with the 5d for low light or weather resistance. Full Frame DSLR all the way. These things are built pretty tankish imo, feels much better holding quality than $1000 heap of plastic.

  13. BoogiemanXXL

    I bought a G70 like a week before this video. I now feel like that was probably the best camera I've could have gotten for my use.

  14. Kevin Conaty

    I wish there where more videos featuring literally anybody besides Linus, he has his name on the f*cking office building, don't you think that's enough attention

  15. Bill

    I couldn't help noticing the ovular bokeh in some of your b roll shots, are you guys shooting anamorphic now or just anamorphic filters?


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