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  1. Leidy Lester

    how about crop sensor cameras? my is the t6i and most to my photographer friends have the pro cameras and give me a hurt time because that.

  2. Ozzy

    No one can really measure how good a photo is once it gets passed a decent level. But if you're not sure yourself, take more photos and keep the best 5-10%. The client will always be happy with the result. As you get better you'll take photos more cautiously as you won't snap when you sense you'll end up not using the photo.

  3. Miguel Rojas

    Excellent video, answers many questions that for years are made fans like; Which is the best camera, and discussions of who is professional and who does not and why.

  4. Jeffrey S

    It’s the photographer that makes quality pictures not the camera or gear.

  5. hewitt andy

    After I purchase my 5D mk4 did I realize that the photo coming out of the camera is about the same as 5D mk2. I did get 10 times the dynamic range advantage over the 5D2, but it doesn't make my photo any better. So sad.

  6. Marek Dzurak

    you forgot to take in to hands your mobile behind the cameras … I use Lumia 950 XL with a Zeiss optic and these " small bastard " can do great job

  7. Timothy Roper

    Yesterday I saw a guy doing product photography at a local ice cream place, using some kind of point and shoot and a "strobist" lighting set up. Whatever gets the job done, and leaves you with a nice profit margin is the way to go.

  8. Tom Martinson

    Fantastic video and advice. So much common sense to put people straight. It's like a guitar player; they might play Fender or Gibson or Ibanez but it's irrelevant because that will never define their talent. Only practice, dedication and real creativity are what count.

  9. Gilbert de Leeuw

    I know quite a few people that got photography jobs just with their instagram feeds… made up 100% of cellphone pictures. One of them had to buy a DSLR just for the gig, as he didn't own any other camera besides his cellphone!!

  10. barış tandoğan

    one of the best photos i took was with a 7 euros priced agfa super silette. sure the lens is not so sharp. sure the edges are significantly soft. The camera is 7 euros, the film cost 3 euros. with your camera straps price i was done with the producing of the image…

  11. Bruce Allen Hendricks

    99.9% I'd say I agree with you. However, there are some things that you really put yourself at a disadvantage if you don't have them. Photographing sports with a manual focus lens (while it used to be done) will drastically limit the type of images you are able to get. Same thing with a slower FPS rate. Photojournalists working with a body that doesn't give them a decent ISO range will drastically limit your ability to make certain types of images. While if you are good enough (talent and knowledge) and can think creatively you should be able to pull off an acceptable image with just about any gear in almost all situations, it's always better if you don't put yourself at a disadvantage to begin with. No sense running a marathon in steel toe work boots if you can avoid it.

  12. j simon

    Excellent Matt!  $100 pro camera  12mp to start and vintages lens

  13. sebastian almeida

    i worked with a d3200 for a while and prime lenses. and let me tell you i got more clientes, better work done and much happier clientes than alot of people i know with d810, 5d mark 4 etc etc…. i know the d3200 is not the best at all thats why i swtich to canon 80d and i still get much much better pics than most people. gear does not matter, its all about the person behind the camara.

  14. Ricky Harline

    what is frustrating is that if I want to shoot second for weddings everyone insists I have two 5D MkIII bodies and $4k in lenses. It's nuts. I don't know if they're concerned about appearing professional at the event or if they're ignorant of what results you can get for much cheaper, but it seems like a bizarrely high barrier to entry, especially since more emphasis is placed on this than the photographer's portfolio!

  15. Luiz Eduardo Guida Valmont

    Thanks, I needed to see this video. It reassured me that selling my Nikon gear moving to a single classic 5D was a right decision.

    Thank you!

  16. Nathan Kosky

    I have 4 Photography Qualifications soon to be 5 in June 2018.

    I work well with clients and they see me as a brilliant photographer the quality of the images turn out pin sharp even though I run on budget lenses. I am also on a Crop Sensor camera the 80D and that's all I need considering I also do some video work alongside my Photography.

    I think gear and lenses only matter if your willing to spend the money. But if you have a camera that shoots RAW and has a manual mode even if it's several years old it doesn't really matter, my friend has the canon 40D and his photos turn out really good and that's because he upgrades the lenses not the body, although since he's still a young student he cannot afford expensive bodies.

    I am thinking about going to full frame when I finish education and go into the press or media industry as I will have 8 Qualifications by 3-4 years in Media, Moving Image and Photography.

    So personally it takes a nice, kind, professional minded person to call them self professional, I know a photographer who went into retirement, bought the 5D Mk 3 and takes amazing photos but has only been in the industry for a few years, I've been in the industry for 3 years and I am 19 years old, I photographed my first wedding last year and have been at 2 weddings following the main photographers the past other years.

    Should I call myself Professional? No, but I am also not an Amateur and between Amateur and Professional is 'Semi-Professional' so that's what I title myself, a Semi-Professional Portrait, Fashion and Wedding Photographer.


    This is awesome !! So correct I agree !! This encouraged me to keep striving to become a pro like you guys !

  18. Kassiem Pope

    I fee this to be very true. Too many ppl (including myself) look around at other ppl's work and wonder what it was shot on. That has made me go from cam to cam, manufacturer to manufacturer over the last couple of years until I settled back on to Fuji and made a promise to myself not to change gear for a whole year and worry about images instead of gear. More ppl need to hear this.


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