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  1. Norman8031

    shit and here on my blogs i use an iPhone 6s Plus recording at 1080p HD lol my videos are coming out pretty good check em out and see why

  2. Now Question Yourself

    Anyone knows what type of tripod he is using?

    For those who were curious about what kind of tripods he was using, they are: JOBY Gorillapod's they are flexible camera tripods.

    This video was an excellent analysis of Canon cameras. Great Job.

  3. Chloe Adriano

    Sawyer!! I legit just ordered my Canon EOS M5!! Watch my space! I've loved your videos for ages and I can't wait to travel Eastern Europe this Summer!!

  4. JoeCnNd

    T7i for some stuff then my nx500 for everything else. I just want h.265 compression for all cameras.

  5. Eric Jetner

    Thanks for the reviews man. I'm debating between the m5 and 70d aaaahhhh what would you recommend me

  6. Angels Piano

    Thank you! I watched it all and I really enjoyed the thorough review!!!

  7. Shay's World

    This was amazing and just what I needed. I'm so so new to vlogging but it's become my new passion and I really need a camera that is good and affordable. Thank you for this in depth break down. Helped me a lot as I was about to buy the G7X and see that it's not the camera for me espresso as I want to grow with my page.

  8. juan carlos

    can i have one pls for vloging can i have cacnon g7x markII pls

  9. Marco Rosales

    guys, im about to get the canon rx100, i need to downsize from my t6i.for my vlogs…. any suggestions?

  10. StyleByZaza

    Great video!! Thank you! I have the T5i, 70D and G7X. I was going to buy the G7X Mark II but I may end up buying the M5! I'm soooo confused! LOL

  11. Anya Pidlubna

    Hiya. I was wondering what tripod you use for the canon m5 while vlogging? Love your videos!! x

  12. Dave McKeegan

    Thinking of buying the M5 solely for vlogging ?? … Get the M6 then 😀

  13. XxTheShanghaiKidxX XxCoolAsianGuyxX

    This is the best camera review video ever and it's not boring

  14. Madhewr

    The camera does NOT make you a vlogger! You can't say of a camera it doesn't feel right, your channel will grow if YOU are good at vlogging, if your camera can't shoot a timelapse it does not make you a bad vlogger. You need to search for your own specific way of making vlogs.

  15. Sifath Shahab

    Where'd you get that display case where you put all your camera and lenses??

  16. Andrew Mascharka

    Great video! I've just recently started and was shooting on a Sony A5000 but now I've moved on to the Canon 5D Mark IV

  17. SuperKhally Vlogs

    Lol i can't afford any of these camera i vlog with a video only camera that doesn't have any of these features 😂check out my vlogs guys


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