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  1. Jacques Gaines Photography

    This looks like an excellent course for getting into photography. Way to go guys!

  2. Aaron Esguerra

    I loved SLR Lounge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jeff Camacho

    Finally got off my butt and ordered this workshop today. Looking forward to giving my feedback in the coming months.

  4. Tuomas Rahikka

    When clicked this i assumed is was eight minutes like ''don't shoot in the dark'' or ''always use a steady hand'' etc. like really basic, but man that was thorough.

  5. FaZe Fruntier

    man i love photography video recording and cameras i am going to love this channel

  6. Bizmark Blanco

    I want to buy this amazing work you do guys. But my English is not so perfect so, i wish you could make videos on Spanish so i can learn all about you are saying. Thanks

  7. Snakebloke

    +SLR Lounge | Photography Tutorials

    5:50 wow!! That looks like my wife's hometown – Dalian (China)!! What a lovely photo!

    You sold me! Thank you for creating this tutorial. I have owned my Nikon D300 since it was first released and I've been reticent to change until I felt I was truly comfortable taking good photos. This many years on and I still cannot seem to get many good photos of my wife – I'd say I am at a 1:30-50 ratio of good:bad…which feels terrible when I cannot capture moments that inspire me!

    I'm hoping this workshop will bring me closer to my dream of being able to capture those amazing moments, before our first child is born!

  8. gaurav batra

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  9. Courtney Binkert

    Hi! I'm doing a project for grad school on photography and I was wondering if I could ask you a couple of questions. What would be the best way to get in touch with you? Thanks!


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