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  1. Syntho Matic

    Ten place sony a99 mkII? in first place the canon 5d IV? My friend you are using harmful drugs, changes pusher and changes the job. This top ten is a crazy shit.

  2. MusikPiratCH

    Actually this Best of list makes no sense at all. Because it's not only about the camera body but also about the lens. And more important for pros is the motive you can shoot best with. E.g. Wildlife with the Nikon D500 and the Nikon AF-S 200-500mm f5.6E ED VR or Portrait Canon 5DSR with the Canon EF 70-200mm f2.8 L IS II USM, etc.

  3. Xhivago

    I knew it I knew that the 6D is a piece of shit no one is mentioning it in vedios anymore

  4. Sourav Sarkar

    bro i wanna buy a dslr. but I really confuse about canon 700d or nikon d5300. which wanna i buy plz suggest me bro????

  5. Joe 181

    Shittiest list ever the 5d mark iv has the worst 4K videos with a crop of 1.7x pro filmmakers wouldn't use it people still prefer the 5d mark iii cause it's a better deal since now u can get a 5d mark iii for 2000 dollars online

  6. Top 10 Zone

    Sorry Guys i did not mention it when i 1st published this video but this Top 10 is actually for DSLRs Not for the mirror-less cameras and I know very well that Mirror-less is the Future. And this top 10 is actually based on DSLRs Popularity, price and Performance.

    Thanks everyone 🙂

  7. BD

    Sony A7R2 proved that DSLRs are outdated technology.
    Sooner Canon adpots Mirrorless, better it will survive.


    shit on this video, you are showing old technology canon cameras, come on, show the best of Sony a7rii a7sii

  9. Matthew Hutchinson

    What a waste of time. Sony A7r II should have been on the list and the D750 should have been off the list.

  10. Andrew G.

    this is the shittiest top ten lister ever i think that the sony A7Sii and the A7Rii should both be in the top 5

  11. dumitrascu viorel

    Is Canon 7d Mark II better then Nikon D 500????? – stupid show… and Nr 1- 5d Mark iV….the biggest Canon disappointment

  12. Dvir ben zvi

    still won't replace my gh4 for any of the cameras on your list (for video only)


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