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  1. Octusis

    Do you think the Nikon P510 is a good camera to get? It has slow autofocus but everything else seems good

  2. Big Willy Man

    Thank you for the amazing tips. You helped me find the perfect camera. Your amazing!

  3. Hazel Ann

    Hi Derek, thank you for your most valuable tips! Is there an upgraded version to the Canon S100?

  4. Abdullah Ashraf

    How do u possibly take pictures then download them if u havent even bought the camera? :p ahah good video

  5. Sudip Nath

    hey based on all the 11 pointers how would you rate the sony dsc hx 200v . Would it fit the bill of preferred compact cameras

  6. Ryan Exley

    im interested in getting a compact camera that can take good arty shots but als good holiday pics could you recomend anything?? 😀

  7. Charles Sanson

    Nice presentation, especially the backgrounds used to illustrate your suggestions. That alone makes your posts the place to go information on camcorders and cameras.

  8. Derek Yeo

    comparing it with it's predecessor the NEX C3, certain things have improved, certain things have however gone backwards eg pros: 180degree tilt, video modes improved, built in flash, shutter better placed now, better ISO range eg cons: screen cannot tilt downwards now, bigger in size .


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