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  1. Mostafayooff ♩♫♪♬ ♮

    ( after my research of all those cameras ) in my opinion is the number one should be CANON G7X MARK II

  2. Sam Hawkins

    I think I like the over saturated…… Look of canon…… No flat profile… Too much work in post…

  3. ChillSebastian

    Can I get any of these for 19p? That's all I found in my wallet ;-;

  4. Chicago Arkus

    i would not give u one nickle for a panasonic camera. The button broke on my new Camera, was not my fault.. company said return.. I did… they then said it would repair it for more money than the damn thing cost new! Crummy company.. never again..

  5. osomax osomax

    jaja Perfect people taking perfect photos with NO perfect and VERY EXPENSIVE cameras. DSLR cameras are better option so far.

  6. demetry13

    You did this whole video, but didn't provide any Amazon affiliate links? Wasted opportunity.

  7. Tech Best

    Sorry for the double upload of this video – there was a render issue with the first one that needed to be fixed.


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