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  1. Gilbert Zendejas

    I want to know which is the best camera, regardless of price….

  2. N ThGhost

    i dont agree
    this is the correct category as for overall EXCEPT hasselblad cause its medium format

    1/ sony A7R2/sony cubershot RX1RM2
    2/nikon D810/Canon 5DsR
    3/canon 1DXm2
    4/nikon 5D
    5/canon 5Dm4
    6/nikon D750
    7/nikon D610
    8/Canon 5Dm3
    9/Canon 6D
    10/PENTAX K-1

  3. George Migaris

    Waaaaat? We have 2017 and are you talking about dslr?
    Dslr is dead! The future is mirrorless and more specifically Sony!

  4. Trooper Helmets

    MK3, 5DS Or D750 which one is best for weddings and general sightseeing?

  5. Dan Lough

    I need to look at this everyday so I can stop spending my money stupidly and focus on what I really need!! The 5 dsr looks like a dream camera. The 5d mark IV is nice too. Always stuck with Canon from day one. On the flip side there's something magical about a roll of film, processing and watching magic appear. The perverse reality of time.


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