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  1. I'm Daniel

    i want to buy an entry level full frame from nikon, with a full frame lens, which one should i get?

  2. Jiro Zapanta

    In all the cameras shown what has many features and you can have a pic or a vid

  3. Puneet Sareen

    I bought canon 77d last week with 18-135mm lens great experience with this .
    Anyone can suggest me which secondary lens should I buy 70-200mm f4L IS USM or 70-300mm f4-5.6L IS USM

  4. PsimanUK

    This is terrible. How did this get recommended when I searched for 'New Canon Cameras'? All you've done cut together five different adverts! How has this not got more thumb-downs?

  5. Animesh Deka Phukan

    yea suck my dick …why is nt even a single Sony out in this fucking list…atleast the a6300 should be out there….itz such a gd one for its price range compared to these cocking DSLRs

  6. Surti Gangsters

    Hello my name is PK i loved your video i liked and subscribed


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