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  1. Shivam Das

    I just want a DSLR camera within India..?? Soo which model of which company I should buy..??

  2. Top Tool

    cheap and best is canon 1100d or 1200d or 1300d please tell me I'm a beginner and which will be good among this for me?

  3. moe akawi

    canon 80D the best camera 24.2 mp touch screen wifi and more options i like it

  4. Santosh Kiran

    What's the camera in the picture of the video. The blue colored one?

  5. Mr PersonGuy

    Hi, I am a tornado spotter (not to be confused with chaser) and I am looking to get a decent camera and possibly a lens for photos and sometimes videos of tornados and or thunder storms for under $400

  6. Sam George Bush

    Which is best ?Canon 1300d or Nikon 3400.Which is user friendly for capturing images and can we instantly post photos to social media in 1300d through Wi-Fi?

  7. Clash Of Clans Original hacks

    which camera i should to buy
    plzz suggest me
    1-nikon d3300
    2-nikon d5200
    now what should i have to buy

  8. santosh kumar patnaik

    which one is better bro nikon 5200 or 3400 please explain

  9. Akarsh Hirennavar

    We can attach a separate microphone to any dslr right?? Need urgent help

  10. Ryder Nigga

    if u buy any of those in my country, gypsies will steal it and will rape u too

  11. Love you be

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  12. vipul rane

    Many of these young kids have 700d canon and I was looking for better option specs compare to 700d now I found Nikon3400 somebody please help me to decide? If i go with Nikon i can save some money

  13. Mohit Creation Raipur

    by which software u edit your video bro….tell me please

  14. Beards99

    Guyz subscribe me n comment done n ill subscribe u back immediately @beards99 🙂

  15. Sabili Ramadhan

    Focus with the music. Is the last one is Yellow Claw or Martin Garix?

  16. Ironman Batman

    The nikon d3400 and d5500 picture and video quality is amazing the picture quality is better than the Panasonic Lumix GH4 and it's right up there with the Sony AR 2 and that's a $2,500 camera.

  17. Nicolai Thomassen

    Dramatic jacket iron program moment o'clock occasional shoot.


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