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  1. Maggie Bear

    Is it worth the upgrade from A7 to A7 mark ii? Since the mark ii has image stabilization and s-log 2, these are the features I'm hyped about. However, there's some people said in terms of image quality and auto focus, no really much was improved

  2. Stephen Morgan

    The Sony is a marvel of a camera, but WHEN it goes wrong (and it will) Sony are absolutely pathetic when it comes to customer care, if you are a pro you HAVE to own two of these as repair times average a month, thats if you are lucky. Also it is getting old now (by Sony standards) and having only one memory card slot is a disadvantage. However the images it produces are out standing. #jasonlanier shows us what this camera is capable of. Just don't get carried away with spending too much on a camera body as glass is more important as are your photography skills. Also the a6300 no no no no no no no, why do you think the a6500 came out so quickly, it sucks at 4K and WILL overheat just when you need it most. Great video, look forward to seeing more.

  3. AeroPR

    How are you recommending the a6300 without making mention of its overheating issue?


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