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  1. Kro Gon

    Digital cameras with little printers are considered Instant cameras now…. ok

    Well, I will stick to my Instax Polariod 110a

  2. 유Hanley steiN웃

    I need a instant print camera that can take loads of pics and runs on batteries…..

  3. Лейтенант Коломбо

    как же задолбали эти бесцельно улыбающиеся праздные физиономии!

  4. She's The One

    I don't know why people are hating, I absolutely love my Polaroid Fujifilm instax mini, I can't afford much else but I honestly really do love this camera, I mean, it does it's job. Chill.

  5. Cynthia Chapa

    does anyone know the name of the song thats playing during the Impossible I-1?

  6. i want death

    anyone else want to be a photographer because of life is strange? seriously, legit want max's first camera its gorgeous 😍

  7. Teng Vang

    Just get the SLR 670 from Mint or buy an original SX-70. These will put to shame all the ones here on this video.

  8. James B.

    Nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt at foisting one giant 10 minute commercial on to people. As a photographer brain off auto on has got to be one of the most insulting things I've ever heard.

  9. ersia87

    The polaroid Snap is not really an instant camera. It is a digital camera with a built in photo printer. 🙂 Alså, I think the Instantflex TL70 should be on the list.

  10. UniHumour

    I absolutely love the Impossible Project film! You need to use it correctly, and the results are beautiful!

  11. Sanyi914

    The Impossible Project is a peace of crap.
    Their films and cameras are expensive and they're very unstable and they're have a lot of defect.
    Not worth it…

  12. Tyler Davis

    Better title: Cheesy Commercials for Instant Film Cameras. These are not the best instant film cameras. The mini 8 is the worst one I know of. It works and would be fine for a little kid but Its the cheapest crap of the market. Mint INSTAFLEX, Mint SLR670-S, LOMO'INSTANT AUTOMAT GLASS MAGELLAN, LOMO'Instant Wide, Lomo'Instant are beter instant cameras than most of these. There are even better ones than that too. The pack film beasts like the Polaroid 600 for instance.

  13. Zoe B.

    How the hell did the mini 8 make this list? The mini 90 by far is the best from Fujifilm's Instax range.

  14. Let Fight

    3.25pm pro hacker been recommend to me !!
    What They Want Me to blame This Guys or What ?


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