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  1. Ray Geary

    ISO. IS APPLIED GAIN Not sensotivty where not talking about film here !! this digitel Signal to noise
    I suppose people still relate to film days applied gain in camera

  2. Karthik Kattupalyam

    haii i have sonyxz here i cant change aperture it is f.2, so what should be the shutter speed i change for getting pics without blur

  3. Juwellz18

    thank you very much. this information will make things a little easier for a beginner like myself.

  4. ferytales

    Thank you so much for explaining. Love the video, I understand it now!

  5. Sean Redman

    The detail and effort in this video is amazing but I still don't get 1 bit of it… 😩 it's not you, I just don't understand things like this

  6. Sparky Channel

    Really nice video, clearly explained. I subscribed and "liked" the video!

  7. Ipek Muminoglu

    Thank you very much! Now i know what it means and how i have to use it! :))

  8. lisa sanders

    really great information and easy to understand! im a TOTAL BEGINNER! so im really enjoying these teaching vidios:-) thankyou

  9. mathew stephen

    yoooooo man………………its awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwesome


    Great video, Tom. As a beginner photographer, these videos are providing me with an extremely valuable source of information to improve my photos and I thank you for it. Could you do a video on lens and camera care, specifically cleaning and caring for your lens and camera?


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