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  1. allpotatoes

    This video is so detailed! It totally shows your handwork behind. Thank you for such a great video 🙂

  2. Jimmy Kinkade

    I won a Coby brand camera from the machine at Pizza Hut.

  3. jimmy sandhu

    nice review i was in the middle of chooding a new cam but i have iphone 6s plus and edge 5 both great. i think i will just buy a road mic

  4. TheMrBennito

    but the sony is not a VIDEO cam, that's in the header! it' s a cam that has video onboard.

  5. Sandile tuber

    there all good except the one u thru away that one was bad

  6. Mike Jameson

    cmon. The Smartphone has "Pro Camera/Mode".. That would've probably have worked

  7. Smood47

    His conclusion is incredibly moronic. Using a shit camera will inspire you to make the content better to compensate since it will look like shit? Wtf. You realize you can make your videos look great and work hard to make the content good right?

  8. Jorge Manuel

    "How the camera handles people" Bruh, I thought people handled cameras LOL. Jk perfect video, superbly good.

  9. TheRottenTrip

    I thought that Panasonic gx80 was a good choice. Yeah, actually it could be, it's a great camera, a good hybrid to shoot pictures and videos, but the lenses are expensive and the camera doesn't have a full articulated lcd and got no log profile.
    I don't know if keep it or sell it and buy a t3i or some camera with cheaper lenses, at least I'd like to experiment with an ultra wide angle.

    So I'm demotivating because Simon is almost 10 years younger than me and I feel like a stupid child with lots of things to learn and the dream of filmaking… I'm kicking myself in the balls for not having thought about filmmaking when I was younger…
    But maybe I can use my experience of a normal boring life as my strenght :O

  10. Víctor Pérez

    Love the image of the camcorder, it's somehow old fashioned and mysterious, great video.

  11. Wet Trainer

    Hey guys! I am really suffering from low subscribers. Please help me reach atleast a 100 subscribers so that it keeps me motivated for making new Video. So Please..☺😊👍👍👍

  12. D.M. Ohe

    Man FUCK this shit. Do you ever get so mad at people for being so profound and philosophical? Like you agree 100% with what they're saying but it kinda pisses you off? It's like seeing that one kid who presents their project in front of the class, everyone's clapping, the teacher starts crying and shit, and then there's me fuming outta my ears…

  13. Christian Jadot

    Hahaha … I am thinking of vLogging on youtube, I know my high end cameras better than my low end ones. I think I am going to be the first youtube who's quality will go down after the first few shows … Ha! (Going from a cinema style camera to a camcorder.) I feel so ignorant when it comes to low end stuff. Good video thanks for the info!

  14. Simmons Productions

    I recently got the newest GoPro for Christmas, opinion on its usage for filmmaking?


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