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  1. ealiev60

    is 28-135 f4 lens good for canon 5d as a daily driver and portrait/landscape photography ?

  2. Biswajit Saud

    sir …
    i have nikon d5200 and my firmware is up to date ie 1.03. present i want to purchase a lens ….whether i go for new nikon AS-P 70-300 or Tamron di ld 70-300….my main use is photograph not vedio …aperture value is not good in AS-P lens then tamron so i am verymuch confused between dis 2 lens …kindly say which lens is good for photography with good blue background

  3. Rahman Sami

    Which lens should I buy for nikon D5600 under 250 USD. I am an artist so portrait and landscape both are important for me.

  4. Jimmy M

    Hey bro I know your full time trucking now, but you got to make some more photography videos.πŸ‘

  5. Studio Bright Producao Nivaldo

    I am going to buy a new camera canon 80d its come with a kit lens 18-135 but I have a old lens 18-135 but I dont have a 24-105 its cost double of the price I get this new lens or Pay a extra 1000us for up grade the lens.

  6. Studio Bright Producao Nivaldo

    Hi I am from brasil and I like your video very much you're right about the lens i have a kit 18-55 and I do great picture and I a have a 18-135 canon but I change for small lens to take picture.

  7. Asa -MyWayGuitar

    Great Vid' man! your a funny guy so it's fun to watch and I learnt some things! so thanks!

  8. Raj Magar

    it's me Raj from nepal.
    i want the setting for flash light in day light step by step. with IOS

  9. Rodolfo Aguilar

    Hey guys, quick question…on an apsc camera with a 1.6 crop (canon t5,) if I use a 50mm f1.8 prime, the effective focal length would be 80mm…does this mean this lens would make a good portrait lens? would I be seeing bad distortion if I tried to shoot portraits with this lens? Thanks in advance for your help.

  10. D. Scott

    great video, brother! very inspirational and I'll be peepin' out more. made this skinny Brooklyn kid smile πŸ‘

  11. Steve Gates

    Refreshing to not have the usual crap lens reviews. As you say who on earth looks at images zoomed in by 200 per cent. and purple fringing at that zoom. Top video my man.

  12. Garcia Barnes

    Good info bra.. I won't to shot more family, wedding, and single pictures. I have the Nikon D5500. please help. What's best lens for me. I good priceπŸ’―πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž

  13. EmmyKnowsBeauty

    Hi please I need your help or any reading that can help me, I just bought the Canon 55mm f1/4 lens. I am a blogger and I take my pics myself,I can't seem to get a full Lenght shot expect I am far away. I didn't have this issue with my kit lens am so confused on what to do. I tried a million positions and was still cutting my head off from the shot πŸ™

  14. williamjver Ver

    I'm looking for three zoom lenses for my Canon 70D for making high quality movies.
    I know that for full frame the 24-70 and the 70 -200 is the best combo.
    What would be the best lenses for a 70d for cinema movies?

  15. cashino

    I have a combo of some 2nd ones and a few new.
    80-200 Tokina 2.8 ( 2nd ) / 17-50 Tamron 2.8 (new) /Tokina 100mm 2.8 macro / Tokina 11-16mm 2.8 for outdoor architecture stuff / Canon 50mm 1.4 (2nd) / TokinaATXPro 28-70mm 2.8 ( 2nd ) / 70 -300 Sigma 4.5 (new ) cheap but ok during daylight and a 16mm fisheye which i don't use much. #Nomorelenses.

    The fav of the punch is 17-50mm and the 50mm 1.4. I love the Tokina 80-200 but very very heavy.

  16. Digital Palette

    I'm a complete newbie to the DSLR world, but I really like your style so I had to subscribe. I can't decide on a camera yet though, and I need it primarily for shooting video. Can you tell me which camera and lens you used to film this? it REALLY catches my eye. I'm guessing it's not a $300 body? I definitely wanna get a 1.8. Anyways, thanks for the video!

  17. Ian Cassanova

    Just an observation with the 70-200 for indoor portraiture I am guessing you'll need a pretty decent size space to work in & not be too close to your subject? for the outside stuff I can really see where this lens could shine but I am not sure I want to carry that amount off glass around with me all day πŸ™‚ Maybe I am lazy & would rather carry around an 85 mm prime πŸ™‚

  18. Ian Cassanova

    Like watching your channel. I am starting out myself, I enjoy street photography and portraiture on a crop body. I have had a few lens and I found that I really enjoy prime lenses I have a 35 & 50mm 1.8G although my next lens may have to be a tele zoom as I also like shooting airplanes (landing/take off that kind of thing) so any suggestions would be great.

  19. jetblakink

    Love the vid Soulj… droppin it like it's hot, and with swagg too. My holy trinity for events are Tokina 11-16 f2.8 for super wide. Sigma 24-70 f2.8 for general shots, and Sigma 70-200 like yours for the sniper shots. Thinking of upgrading to the IS version though. For street photography, Canon 24mm IS USM 2.8 on a 70D crop body… Oh yes, I have the 50mm 1.8, I hate the build quality, and the look of the thing, but love the results… LOL

  20. Travis Wyatt

    I have the 50mm 1.8, 18-135mm, 55-250mm kit, 18-55mm kit(<–all canon), and my pride and joy sigma 17-50mm.

    I need to just make myself use the 50mm 1.8 more but it is just a frustrating lense in my experiences thus far.

    Love your vids and am subscribed! Thanks Dre!

  21. K. D.

    Right now…. Tamron 35 mm f1.8 VC USD. ….love it indoors goofing around with my daughter and taking food photos.


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