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  1. Tiere Allison

    Very informative. I have a Sony a6000. Could I start out my YouTube channel with this camera? Thanks!

  2. Earth Sun Studios

    Nice thx for the vid great breakdown really good explanation

  3. Momi

    omg I can't believe, in 5 minutes I learned so many things that i really wanted to know! I'm 16 and I'm really interested in photography, and i'm still learning the basic things

  4. Scoop Girl

    thanks so much for this been wanting a new camera and the small nikon camera at 110 is about my price range right now helped me pick out one better. 😊

  5. Be Glam

    I would love to see an updated version of this, I see you commented that you will be doing another one, any idea if it will be soon, looking to buy in the next month or so. What is the best way to contact you if this video is not in the works yet? Thanks! ♥

  6. Bopha H

    These videos are still relevant and helpful today! I really hope you start a membership like some of the fitness influencers but for tech! 😀

  7. Natashia Gray

    question did u get permission from the ppl in the background to be in your video?

  8. Shanetta Redmon

    Before even watching your video, it was suggested to me to look at the Canon T3i as a starter. I am very happy I took the time to watch this because this further confirms the recommendation.

    Thank you!

  9. Le Chat

    You make it so easy for beginners to understand tech talk and photography. I love the way you explain things!!

  10. Ruby & Daisy

    can you do a updated version of this because I can't find the Sony alpha nex3n ANYWHERE

  11. Jadaaa Ricketts

    Can you please make an updated version of this. It'll be very useful because some of these cameras are discontinued.

  12. Laura Celina

    PLEASE PLEASE PLLLEEEAAASSSEEEE make an updated video of this , much needed

  13. Laquita Burnett

    I have a Fujifilm bridge camera but it does not come with a charger it's battery operated would that be hard for me to film videos because of the battery life?


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