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  1. Scott Gordon

    You folks are the best thanks for all you training and advise way to be. Wishing you the best.

  2. ZyraFX

    Hello, hope y'all are having a great day :D.
    Which camera would y'all recommend for automotive photography? Budget around 400-600.
    Currently using a Canon Rebel SL1

  3. yannick bloemen

    Hey, i like this video a lot ! Could you make a 2017 version of this video that would be awesome

  4. Snafu 'z

    Hey Tony and Chelsea, i am thinking of buying a Nikon D3300,D3400 or D5300, what kind of lens would you prefer for landscape photography in the budget of 100-250 euros? and why?

  5. nenogirich

    man amazon??? bigest scam of the centuary…let me you i was surfing trough options to buy camera right …. amaxon was monitoring my activity eventually doubling the price in no time I would never consider buying anything from Amazon. if you are a serious buyer don't waste time on Amazon scam go to your local Best Buy and get a decent Buy staff are so friendly they will bend over backwards to answer you're all questions and give you the right directions not just tell you piece of cheap plastic made in China tell you the camera you don't know where the sources or even if it's refurbished or not … Amazon? Thank you but no thanks

  6. Aniket Kawale

    Thanks for this video. It's good but it's old now.
    So which camera I should by for Portrait and Fashion Photography between Pentax K1, Sony A7R, Sony A7 ii or Sony A99?

  7. Scott Peterson

    I have a budget of about 600$ for a camera, and don't know what to get. I want to be able to get into portraiture and want to take over on the camera ofter a while. And I want something nicer so I don't have to upgrade my body super soon because of money. What would you suggest I get? I am thinking Nikon D3400, D5300, D5500 or Pentax K-S2.

  8. Pakistan Top 10

    Great Tony Keep it Going on I Love you the way You are understanding begginers

  9. Kev Conce

    The Santa Maria Magdalena de Pazzi Commemorative Cementery in "The Morro" at San Juan, Puerto Rico!! Min. 3:47 SKRRR ESO E PUNETAAA!!!

  10. Chris B

    I like the fact that you protect and maintain your credibility by driving home the point that you don't take free gear.

  11. 2 1

    Would you recommend something like a Canon EOS Rebel SL1 for someone new to DSLRs and photography?

  12. Sam Walker

    Uh oh. Just bought a Lumix G7 with the 14-140 kit lens but I don't do huge amounts of video. I am mainly photographing wildlife have I made a mistake? A Jessops assistant recommended it for me as a first interchangeable lens camera and someone who has had 3 previous Panasonics. Compared to my previous Panasonic FZ-150 it is great. But have I made a mistake?

  13. Gosha

    I have this nikon D3300 i got it as a gift and i really want to sell it and buy nikon 53000 :l

  14. Rebekka Naber

    Hey Guys, GREAT Videos! I wonder though: When will the next update come to: What camera should I buy? Since this is almost a year old? Especially I wonder for the part video AND stills: a recommendation in lower budget and possibly APSC sensor ? Thanks

  15. ananya ghosh

    Hey Tony, I would suggest that you check out a used Panasonic GX80/GX85 in the used under $500 range. It could give the other 2 a run for their money. Cheers.

  16. Juan M

    You just made buying a used entry-level sound good.
    And it is! The biggest misconception that beginners have is that they need the latest and greatest. And if they watch other reviewers, they'll think that way even more.

    This is why I love this channel.

  17. BrownieX001

    Cannot wait for this years version of this. So many things happened this year. Not sure why I even watched it when I have no money, but still fun to look at the combinations that you think makes the most sense for a long list of prices.


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